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  • Date(s):
    Wed, 21 March @ 18:30,
    Fri, 23 March @ 18:30,
    Sat, 24 March @ 18:30
  • Venue: Andre Huguenet Theatre
  • Admission Fee: R80.00

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Synopsis: Love, Crime and Johannesburg

It’s a new South Africa. A new era. A new dream . . . and nightmare!

As South Africans celebrate the end of apartheid, many people realise that the cake is not as big as the promise.

One of them is Jimmy “Long Legs” Mangane, a struggle celebrity and people’s poet who is left to fend for himself when his comrades join the ruling elite and forget about the people.

Implicated in a bank robbery, Jimmy finds himself behind bars for a crime he insists he was framed for. It’s in jail that he faces the nothingness of his being and the scarcity of friends.

Set in Africa’s fast-moving and crime-haunted city of Johannesburg, LOVE, CRIME and JOHANNESBURG is a musical comedy that explores the complications of post-apartheid South Africa. The production is directed by accomplished director Masedi Manenye, and features a diverse local cast.

With the musical genius of Andile Qongqo and the beautiful choreography of Sizakele Mdi, Mangaung is in for a vibrant, moving, comic and musically rich experience.