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  • Date(s):
    Thu, 10 August @ 18:30,
    Fri, 11 August @ 18:30,
    Sat, 12 August @ 18:30
  • Venue: Andre Huguenet Theatre
  • Admission Fee: R80

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The play set against a middle class suburb of South Africa; Johannesburg and are introduced to five women who are domestic workers. They come from different places across the country but have come to Johannesburg, with bags full of hopes and dreams. There are aim is simple, to make a better life for them selves and their families in the big city of gold. But it is the 50’s in South and the state of emergency is brewing in every township, ghetto, slum, village and suburb. African women will now be forced by law to carry passbooks. – One of the women, Thokoza (a domestic worker) joins the congress and is on a mission to persuade other workers to get involved in the Anti-Pass book campaign. As the audience we tap into each woman’s story and follow them as witnesses on their journey, growth and daily lives challenges.