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  • Date(s):
    Wed, 26 July @ 18:30,
    Thu, 27 July @ 18:30,
    Fri, 28 July @ 18:30,
    Sat, 29 July @ 18:30
  • Venue: Studio 2
  • Admission Fee: R50.00

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Two Hearts Of Fanyane is a story about a young man by the name of Fanyane who is on a quest to find his feet in the arts industry, after completing matric he persuaded his talent as a musician, dancer then sculpture and now a renowened poet. This whole transition from one genre to the other made his Uncle Sasha to be very worried about his future, Uncle Sasha has been taking care of Fanyane since  his father’s funeral three years ago,  he is very adamant that Fanyane should go to unversity , study hard and become a teacher like his father, he believes this artists idea is such a waste of time and money.

 He dislikes and critisize anything that is art related, in his opinion Fanyane spends  too much money on transport and food for something called ‘’ rehearsal’’ that doesn’t  benefit him at all.

But through it all Fanyane persue his childhood dream to become first bestseller(AWARD WINNER) of poetry anthology , with the support from his friends and other artists  he compiled and launched his first poerty compilation .

The production projects the hardships young and upcoming artists undergo to get support form family members whom in most cases discourages him and the achievements that comes with patience, hard work, and lots of practice.